Wednesday, September 21, 2011

6 New CND Shellac Colors

     Well they are finally here , the new 6 Shellac shades are beautiful. I have to admit, when I fist saw them on line I was not too thrilled about ordering them...

     Asphalt, who would want to wear "gray" , just a boring Asphalt Gray ?!? well....everybody seems to want it ! I does look stunning. Not too dark and goth looking (I was never a fan of Black on nails after seeing it on so many Celebrity Talk show hosts, it's just not pretty !) But this gray, excuse me, "Asphalt" is cool and somewhat soothing...ahhh
     The most requested of the 6 new shades for my ladies is definitely Moonlight & Roses is a semi-sheer almost milky looking light white shade with a beautiful reddish pink shimmer. Familiar to the CND Effects polish line, Moonlight & Roses can be worn alone with 1 or 2 coats or over just about all of the other Shellac colors.
     Studio White is my choice for a beautiful white tipped manicure. It's less stark than Cream Puff & with 1 coat has a nice semi-shear look & opaque with 2 coats.
      Everyone loves purple, hence the name Purple Purple because purple lovers never get to much !
     If you are going to dress as a peacock then Hotski to Tchotchke is your perfect shade of bright metallic turquoise, need I say more...oh, and it was the 1st color to be choose to wear out of the new collection.
      Last put not least Zillionaire is fabulous, just fabulous !! This true clear shade is full of gliiter & mylar pieces that make any color pop with "zing" ! Worn alone, with  white tips or over any other Shellac shade this color has my vote for "Best Shade" of the Shellac Collection !!

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