Monday, September 5, 2011

Nails Done Right by Linda Reyes says... Gel Manicures rock !!!

I've been doing gels nails since day 1...(1986) and thanks to the recent addition of soft gels, Gel Manicures have filled up my appointment book by 80%.....If you're looking for an acrylic alternative or just plain ready to have polish last 2+ weeks then it's time to give a " Gel Manicure " a try ! There are 100's of colors to choose from ! Gel Manicures  have been around for many years but thanks to CND ( Creative Nail Design ) ....and their May 2010 release of Shellac , they have made quite a name for themselves and continue to be the most requested ! There are so many brands coming out with gel polishes it's hard to keep up with the choices, oh but I do....Axxium by OPI, Shellac, Gelish by Hand & Nail Harmony, Luxio by Akzentz, Artistic Colour Gloss, GP, Gelicure by Nubar, Polish Pro by NSI, P2 by Light Elegance to name a few.....
   So what are you waiting for, schedule your fabulous Gel Manicure today !!! Visit NailsDoneRight and book your appointments 24/7......or call me 321-663-7710....see you soon, Linda

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