Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gelish ! Like Shellac by CND but way more colors !!!

So,  I just placed my 1st order for Gelish, soak-off Gel Polish ! Desert Sands, Bashful, Moroccan Sand & Simple Sheer. 4 beautiful sheer shades to wear alone for a sophisticated look or tipped in bright or soft white for a more dramatic effect. Seeing as how Shellac by CND has finally taken off in Oviedo (Shellac was 1st launched May 1, 2010 ) I decided it was time I needed more than just their 2 light shades Romantique & Negligee.
I'm excited to add this line to my collection especially because of their selection of so many fun & trendy shades. Next on my wishlist order...Bella's Vampire, Deep Sea, Black Shadow, Gossip Girl & Midnight Caller

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