Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Private Heart by

In my attempt of mixing up an Axxium Gel Lacquer shades similar to OPI's Eat & Eggplant (a dark rich metallic reddish brown) I found my new favorite shade for this Fall/ Winter 2010 Holiday Season....My Private Heart ! My Private Heart is a combination of Bastille My Heart over My Private Jet....oh la la, a very rich deep vampy red looking shade with a touch of a dark hot rod candy apple ! I love it, my client loved it & so did all the girls in the salon ! That's what  I love about OPI's nail lacquers, the colors alone are fabulous but the combination's are incredible...& endless ! So visit my website today to reserve your  "Perfectly Polished" 2010 Holiday  nail appointment today with Linda Reyes ... or call 321-663-7710

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