Monday, November 15, 2010

Holiday 2010

Well I am so excited ! Today is the day I start putting up my Christmas Tree's much for doing my is twice now that I've brought home all the supplies needed to do my Holiday Stilettos. When complete they'll look stunning. Reserve your 2010 Holiday Nail appointment today for your "Perfectly Polished" Manicure. If you've never tried Shellac by CND now is the best time to do it ! All the dish washing in the world can't wash, chip or nick this stuff away ! It's a wonderful thing when you wake up each morning & your Shellac is still perfect ! For 2, 3 & even 4 weeks your nails will look amazing ! Shellac is available in 12 fabulous colors that can be combined to make 100's . This amazing new product has changed the lives of many loyal manicure fans. There is nothing else like it in the world, Shellac by CND is the first of its kind, a true "Hybrid" half polish & half Gel ! The response has been overwhelming by ladies around the globe . Best thing, easy on (1 coat Base, 2coats of color, 1 Top) just like a regular polish then each coat pops in the UV lamp & easy off ! Really ! Soaks off in minutes with absolutely no damage to your nails ( when done by a professional namely me !) Now this I can guarantee when your Shellac service is performed by me, Linda, I am a certified CND Grand Master Nail Specialist & have over 24 years in the business. But I must warn you, there are already NSS Salons (Non Standardized Salons) out there performing services & saying it's Shellac & it's not ! Remember, you get what you pay for  & with me that is a very knowledgeable & licensed nail professional . Vist today & schedule your 2010 Holiday appointment online today ! ......Peace & Blessings , Lx

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