Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Get Minx'd at

So if you have never tried Minx is the best time ever to Minx it On ! The Minx Holiday designs are so gorgeous, just stunning ! There is the classic red & white striped Candy Cane, a string of brightly colored Christmas lights and even a scene of Santa's sleigh with Reindeer. Some of this years Holiday favorites are the new Silver Snowflakes in Metallic Blue Lightning, Art Deco Christmas Tree and the Red Lightning Santa ! And for those who like to walk on the wild side........there's plenty to choose from; Cheeta, Gold Cheeta, Red Cheeta, Green Cheeta, Snow Cheeta, White & Black Zebra, Silver & Black Zebra and the new fabulous Blue Lightning Zebra ! My personal new favorite Minx is of course the new Chrome collection (I'm an 80's kinda girl,Big Hair, Bright Nails)!! Bright Metallic hues in the season hottest shades.....Chrome Auqa, Pink, Orange,Yellow & Burgundy ! YEOWZA !!!
     Now Minx is better than ever. Each set now comes in more sizes to fit your nails perfectly !

To schedule your fabulous New Minx Experience call me, Linda Reyes at 321-663-7710 or schedule your appointment online 24/ 7 at
    I look forward to seeing you soon ! Happy Holidays !

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