Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year GMMXLE !!

Wow ! It's another new year ! Happy 2011 everyone ! I have to say, this 2010 Holiday Season was one of the best in Years. I won the award for "Person with the most Holiday Cheer" ! What a difference a year makes ! This time last year I was in a wheelchair unable to take a step or even just lightly stand on my left foot to stabilize. When you think you will never walk again & then you do, everything is put into perspective ! From my August 5,2009 ankle fusion surgery It wasn't until mid March 2010 that I took my first step, thanks in part to the bone stimulator I started using in January up until this October. Nine months everyday for 30 minutes that stimulator was a part of my life. It helped, I am able to walk, although with a little crooked gangsta Those of you who have been with me though all the years, thank you ! Thank you for all of your kind & caring, sympathetic words of encouragement ! 
The Holidays were great, business has picked up wonderfully & I'm ready to rock & roll in this New Year 2011 !
I wish all of you a very Happy, Healthy & Prosperous 2011 in this New Years ! Lx

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