Monday, April 11, 2011

OPI Black Shatter , Birthday Nails & Neon Fun !!!

Brittany's Neon Acrylic with Leopard spots !
My darling Brittany really lets me do my thing ! Months ago she saw a photo of nails I had done on myself  last summer and had to have them for her Spring Break vacation to Jamaica...needless to say we've had several fun visits working with her original neon palette ....

Acrylic Glitter Fade with Neon accents These are my nails from last summer....
Neon Acrylic Fun tips !

 These are Britt's nails...we adapted a more suitable length for her considering she's a teacher and a basketball coach...true story !
She loved her neon so much and wasn't ready to do a complete change up so we filed all the 3D drops down and put OPI's Black Shatter all over her neon tips ! It rocked !!

Here's one done in white Crackle....

China Glaze White Crackle over Acrylic
For 3 weeks everyone had to have a piece of the crackle ! Nails, toes & most of the time on both !I had to keep 2 dozen in stock at all time ! The OPI Katy Perry collection really took off !! I have to admit, the OPI Black Shatter looks amazing over anything !! Watch out girls...OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Collection with Silver Shatter hits stores this MAY !!! 
OPI Back Shatter over multi color polish base

OPI Katy Perry Collection   
OPI Glam Slam with Black Shatter and Simply Smashing
OPI Simply Smashing with Black Shatter by Serena Williams is exactly that, smashing dahling ! Did you all know that Serena Williams not only holds many numerous tennis Grand Slam titles & championships but also a fashion line and is going to nail school to become a certified licensed nail specialist ?!? She's an all-around champion !! Luv ya girl !!
OPI Black Shatter over Acrylic Neon tips 

Birthday Nails have really become a big deal lately ! My girls do mega searches on the web and find me some of the coolest pictures of nails ! Most of these photos are from Japan ...& Betsey Johnson always has way cool nails on the runways !!

Jeannine's Birthday nails rocked the O-town scene...this girl has top notch what's hot now fashion sense !! And she's quite the trend setter in nail fashion, her girls just gotta have the cool too !!
Jeannine's Fabulous Birthday Nails !
 You name it,she brought it !! Stones , Studs and oh those bows, lol !!! Oh & they stayed on...maybe a little to long for her liking, lol...!

Birthday Nails with Minx, candy, studs & bows
Brittany's Bling.....we had to match the cell phone case...hahaha

Silver Acrylic Bling with Zebra

Imagine a bright Kelly Green with a neon Celedon...put them together and what do you get ?? Fabulous St Patrick's Day nails ! These were amazing to see !!

St Patrick's Day Acrylic Glitter Fade
So many have picked this one photo out and said " I want those !" Well these are Brandi's nails, she loves blue & almost every time picks  three colors...Bright Blue, turquoise and purple....these really did turn out amazing...and she rocked them for four weeks ! Love ya ms BmyNeeka
Brandi's Acrylic Bling with fishscales
I hope you all have enjoyed looking through these photos of my mini works of art as much as I have enjoyed doing them ...I'm thankful every day of all the many blessings that come my way & believe in sending it all back out there for all to personal secret of life.....think positive thoughts, speak positive words and create positive 2 all <3

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  1. Thanks for following my blog. You have gorgeous designs. I love what you done with the Crackle/Shatter polishes!