Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring into P!nk !!!

Shellac Negligee with Fuchsia Bling !
Wow, this week everyone wanted pink , pink and bright p!nk...Sparkly pink, bright fuchsia and silver and pink...Spring Fever is upon us !!!  

Shellac Tutti Frutti with Akzentz Pink Aurora Crystal
Hand painted p!nk camo
I had a request for pink camo this week and I have to say it turned out pretty darn good for my first attempt ! The client loved it and rocked it with her pink camo shirt & apron !! Thank you miss Cyndi, 2009 Swamp Sweetie !

Acrylic Bling
These are miss Alita's hot fuchsia Bling acrylic nails...after many years of doing her nails we always do something very blingee put this time i out did my self , so she said, and I quote; "I love my nails so much I want to marry them !", thankx Alita

Prom season is in full swing here in Florida and although I have done many I only have 1 photo.

OPI Axxium overlay tipped with Axxium Kyoto Pearl , OPI lacquer in Need Sunglasses? with yellow glitter sprinkles

Here's a perfect shot of beautiful miss Nicole showing of her new prom nails and her gorgeous princess style lemon chiffon gown....

OPI Need Sunglasses over OPI Axxium overlay 

And as to be expected, Minx is a HoT trend all year round....this is a new print in Minx Professional for Marian Newman Silver Hollows....a super electric holographic silver base with cool black swirls throughout

Minx Professional in Silver Hollows


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