Wednesday, January 26, 2011

12 New Shellac Shades Coming Soon !

Here they are... the new 12 Shellac Shades from CND ! The May 2010 launch of this hot new product & its first 12 shades was so overwhelming for Creative Nail Design that the release of their 12 Fall Shellac Shades had to be pushed back to their Spring Collection, March 2011. All of you have thoroughly enjoyed being "Shellac'd" and seeing the amazing results by this new innovative product. After about your 3rd or 4th Shellac visit with me, you will have the natural nails you have always dreamed of ! Several of my ladies have been know to shed a tear or two after revealing their own beautiful long natural nails. Shellac is the first of its kind, there truly is no other product like this out there in the world ! 

     Here's how is works. Shellac is applied just like polish, 1 coat of Base, 2 coats of Color and 1 coat of Top. Shellac can be applied over natural nails after a manicure or pedicure and over artificial enhancements after an acrylic or gel fill has been performed.  Each coat is then placed in the CND Shellac UV lamp for the required amount of time. Now seeing as how Shellac is a true "hybrid" (half polish/ half soak-off gel) it does seem to appear as though its hardening like polish but the only way this product will harden or fully "cure" is with the help of a UV lamp, it will not ever "dry" on its own. The application of Shellac looks easy enough to maybe try it on yourself (Shellac must be applied by a licensed professional, namely me, Linda Reyes and products are sold only through licensed beauty suppliers) but after having worked with it from day 1 I have found it to be quite fickle at times and have adapted a few many tricks of my own (to be kept secret, lol...)
     After each coat is applied and cured for the required amount of time 1 Base, 2 Colors and 1 Top, there will be a tacky residue. This is typical of all gel products and is called the dispersion layer. The dispersion layer or "tackiness" is removed with  alcohol to reveal the most fabulous shine ! And not only are your new Shellac nails incredibly shiny they are completely dry, really ! At the complete of your Shellac Manicure your freshly polished nails are ready to face the world and stay beautiful for weeks! There is no possible way to nick or smudge your Perfectly Polished Shellac Manicured nails !!
     I have priced Shellac according to my market and my local neighborhood and that seems to be much lower than most markets as even compared to neighboring Salons in the Downtown Orlando area. Fortunately for me my overhead / rent is low enough to allow me to pass on the savings to all of you.....
Shellac Cream Puff with non-pariels Candy coating

Prices for Shellac Services;
Shellac Manicure $ 35- Includes treatment of cuticles, trimming & shaping of nails, Shellac application & relaxing hand massage.  50 min

Shellac Polish $ 25 Nails / Toes -Includes trimming & shaping of nails and Shellac application. Add cuticle treatment for $5 or add a Hand Massage for $5.  25 min

Shellac Removal $10- No soaking & NO drilling, really ! Off in minutes ! 15 min

re-Shellac $30- Removal and fresh application. When it's time for fresh color it's time to " re-Shellac".... Shellac can last anywhere from 2, 3 or even up to 4 weeks... 40 min

 Shellac Pedicure $ 50- Traditional Pedicure with Shellac application on your toes. Perfect for rainy or winter weather !

If your are ready for a perfectly polished manicure to last more than 3 to 5 days...then you are ready to be " Shellac'd " !!!

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